Posted by: Mary-K | December 3, 2009

Demi Lovato Graphic

Original Picture:

Posted by: Mary-K | December 3, 2009

I have a 3rd website now…hehe…yeah

I know what you’re thinking. you’re probably thinking ‘How many websites is this girl gonna’ make?’ Well to be honest with you I have absoloutley no idea. But anyway this time I made a website all about Meaghan Martin. Please do me a favour and visit the site and if you have time it would be great to leave a comment. the site is which has videos, photo shoots, goss (Obviously), GAMES THAT I MADE, A page of her rise to fame and music appearances and a page of her stats. Stats are like you know…her fave things, her twitter, her full name, birthday etc.

Thank you! Visit the site and leave comments.

My websites:

Posted by: Mary-K | December 3, 2009

Hannah Montana Tone drop out

original picture:

Posted by: Mary-K | December 2, 2009

Taylor Swift Doll set

This is a set I made that includes a picture of Taylor Swift and a doll of Taylor Swift.


Taylor Graphic:


Posted by: Mary-K | December 1, 2009

Emma Watson Graphic and backgroundless pic

The first one is a graphic and the second one I just removed the background.

Original Pictures:

Posted by: Mary-K | December 1, 2009

Miley Demi and Selena Set

Miley Pic:

Selena Pic:

Demi Pic:


Do you like it? I love the background the most.

Posted by: Mary-K | November 30, 2009

Taylor Swift Graphic

First Taylor Swift post on this website. It only took me like 15 mins to rub out the background and turn it into a graphic.

Original Picture:

This next one only took me 5 mins.

Original Pic:

The lastGraphic is really pretty.

Original Picture:

Posted by: Mary-K | November 30, 2009

Camp Rock is Glowing!

Here are some pics from the camp rock photo shoot. I made them glow around the edges. The pics aren’t that big by the way.

Original Pics:

Posted by: Mary-K | November 30, 2009

High School Musical Set: “Mirror, Mirror on the wall”

I made this on Powerpoint. I hope you like it. It took me ages to make. Click on it to get a bigger look.

Sharpay Pic:

Gabriella Pic:

Gabriella and Troy:

Troy Pics on the wall:


Posted by: Mary-K | November 30, 2009

Meaghan Martin

Camp Rock Star Meaghan Martin. I didn’t really do a good job on this one, but it’s still pretty good!

Original Picture:

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