Posted by: Mary-K | January 17, 2010

Selena Gomez Backgroundless

Original Picture:



  1. love sel

  2. Hate her :-q

    • AGREE wit u !!!!!

  3. OMG, i need to pic, i hate selenaa soooo much, she can frikken sing at all, but on the other hand shes so sweeet n down to earth and is a awsome actress! AHHHHHH CANT PIC!!

    some one pick for me pliieazzzzm lol..

  4. she needs to stop it because she think she is everything like hannah montana but hannah montana made a song about how she is sorry that she even did the stuff that she did

  5. hey selena hiiiii,i love you,you are so nice,cute and beautiful,i cant tell you lie because i love you.i want meet with you and i promiss you i will realy meet with you.

  6. hey i’m kiran.i miss you always yah.

  7. very good.
    this is very beautiful.

    • thank you 🙂

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