Posted by: Mary-K | January 7, 2010

Celebrity Icons for your site

Ok. well I guess you can say that these are sets but my purpose for making them was so you can use them on your site as icons/gravatars/avatars or what ever you prefer to call them.  Or you can just copy and paste them to your files and keep them if you just think there pretty. But if you use them don’t worry about crediting me. You can if you want to but you don’t have to. I don’t care. OH! But at least tell me that you are using one because I like to know thingz… If u have any Icon requests leave a comment below asking me to make you one and I’ll try to make one for you as best I can.

Yeah. They’re big for Icons I know.

Demi Pictures:


Selena Pix:




Miley Pix:

Taylor Pix:


Camp Rock Pic:


Other Jonas Pic:

There would be more but I’m tired of making them because I’ve been at it  for 3 hours now.

BTW in the Poll it says other then there is something where you can type your answer. That is if you like maybe 2 or 3 of the Icons above and can’t pick which one you like best.

eg: Demi, Selena



  1. […] By the way Please vote on the poll when you get there. […]

  2. Why did I give my website a pingback from my other website? I didn’t mean to! OOPS!

  3. What programme do you use to create these pictures?? xx

    • I use Paint and Microsoft Powerpoint 2007.

  4. Simplismente Miley Cyrus se tornou parte em minha vida,algumas canções dela tem muito haver comigo,e de mais a mais existe algo na Miley que me atrai,não se trata de namoro mas sim de relação de amizade pois ela tem uma parte sentimental muito humana e isso devemos valorizar.

    • TRANSLATION: Simply Miley Cyrus has become part of my life, some of her songs have a lot to do with me, and most of all there’s something about Miley that attracts me, is not dating but the relationship of friendship because it has a very human feeling side and that we should value.

  5. Demi look sexy as always

  6. Thank u 😉 check out that emo boy hair over this blog:

    • LOL…Left a comment on da site…

  7. Demi looks very nice

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